Casino Accessories

3D Printing Of Accessories For Casinos

Today, inexpensive professional desktop and tabletop 3D printers are accelerating innovation and supporting businesses in a variety of sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, dentistry, health, education, entertainment, jewelry and audiology. The casino industry could even exploit it, to create the tables of casinos or the accessories necessary for table games.

How a 3D printer works

3D printers create parts from three-dimensional models. Before that, it is essential to design a model from CAD software (Computer Aided Design). The file is exported in STL or OBJ format so that it can be read by the software that will control the 3D printer. 3D printers include software to specify print settings and cut the digital model into layers that represent the horizontal sections of the part. Some 3D printers use a laser to polymerize the hard plastic liquid resin, others fuse small particles of polymer powder at high temperatures to make parts. Often 3D printing also serves as an intermediate step to conventional manufacturing methods, such as in jewelry or with wax-cast dental appliances.

The advantages of 3D printing

As 3D printers build objects by adding materials layer by layer, they offer a unique set of advantages over traditional manufacturing processes. The first is speed. Traditional machining of parts can take weeks or months while 3D printing can take only a few hours. This allows designers and engineers to develop ideas faster and helps companies get their products to market faster. The second advantage is the cost of printing. With 3D printing, there is no need for the expensive tooling and installation associated with injection molding or machining. The same equipment can be used from prototyping to production to create parts with different geometries. As 3D printing becomes more and more capable of producing functional parts, it can also complement or replace traditional manufacturing methods for a growing range of low and medium volume applications. We can cite the example of Pankl Racing Systems which replaced machined jigs and fixtures with 3D printed parts, which reduced costs by 80% to 90% and saved $ 150,000.

The case of accessories intended for casinos

Poker chips

Poker Chips

When you start in 3D printing, you have to try to make small objects. For example, you can practice printing poker chips in 3D. They will also be very easy to model if you want to learn how to use software like Blender.

The dice

The dice can be a little more complex to make, but 3D models exist. You will also be able to have fun producing them by modifying the dimensions of the model and thus creating useful objects in other contexts than that of casino games.

The card holder

There are a large number of people on the net who have decided to print their own card holder and their own money clip in 3D. These prints will produce unique customizable items that you can offer to friends.

Lucky tokens

Lucy Tokens

Lucky tokens are perfect gifts. Very often, a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe or any other lucky symbol is engraved there. It is a gift that is easy to make and that will be sure to please.

The roulette table and the casino table

If you want to embark on an ambitious project, why not try to print an entire roulette table? Starting from a model to modify, you will be able to create a single table.

The prize for the winners

The 3D printer can be used to print any other object, such as prizes for the winners. Printing medals, cups or other objects to be won will be very easy because of the large number of files usable for free and available on the Net.

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