The Game Of Drinking Roulette

Roulette, a simple and popular casino game

The game of roulette is one of the most popular casino games. The principle is simple: the croupier throws the ball by throwing it in the roulette, and by turning the roulette in the other direction. You just have to bet on which number or on which type of number the ball will fall. To do this, you must bet on one or more numbers. Depending on the type of bet, if the ball falls on one of your numbers, you win a more or less important gain. You can obviously bet directly on numbers on the board, but also choose a type of number, like opting for all peers, all reds, or the first half for example. Obviously, this sober version is already very entertaining and that is why it is popular and that there are many amateurs all around the planet. However,

Roulette drinking with simple rules

This variant of roulette does not exist in land-based casinos. Although you can create this version with an online casino, all alone at home, there are also casters specially designed for this game, to discover with your friends. In gadget stores and online, you can find small plastic casters also providing a tray and shot glasses. There are several rules. The simplest is as follows: the player throws the ball. If the ball falls on a red square, he must drink a shot. If the ball falls on a black square, it passes its turn. If the ball falls on a green square, the player can order any other player to drink in his place.

These rules are simple, so much so that you can get bored quickly. It will therefore be an opportunity to spend a few minutes with your friends. Otherwise, you will have to move on to more complex rules. For this, it is necessary to have your own betting table and bet on full numbers for a whole shot, or on other types of bets, such as color for a sip, or on a dozen for two sips per example. If you win, you can drink the opponent of your choice. If the ball falls on the green square, all players must drink a shot. It is also possible to opt for shot glasses corresponding to numbers. To vary the pleasures a little, you can put different types of alcohol in glasses at random, but also slide a few shots of water.

When to play this variant of roulette?

The idea may be pleasant for many casino players who like to taste alcohol, but you still have to find the ideal time to offer a game of roulette to your friends. The drinking wheel can be adapted as soon as you plan an evening with friends. This can be the case for a birthday, for a New Year’s party, or if you have a special event to celebrate, such as a new job or the successful completion of your exams. However, you must be able to resist the temptation and refrain from playing it when the conditions do not allow it.

If you have dependent children, it is strongly advised not to play this game in their presence, it is preferable to keep your benevolence towards minors and to protect them against any bad influence. Also, do not give in to social pressure if you take the road or if friends or relatives must also return by car after the evening. In short, treat yourself when you are sure to stay at home and your friends agree to spend the night there. However, even if the conditions are favorable, consume responsibly.

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